Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Wedding Kiss by Hannah Alexander

With one kiss, their marriage of convenience suddenly becomes far less convenient.
This is a story of trust and what could be. Our character shines while caring for others. Who we truly are is revealed in times of need.

With the advance of the railway system, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, becomes a destination sought by many as they come to seek healing in the natural spring waters. In 1901, a visitor unwittingly brings smallpox to this small town in the Ozarks while seeking relief in these healing springs. Coming to deliver meals to the sick and their caretakers, Gloria Jensen contracts the disease and dies leaving an infant and two other children in the care of Keara McBride. Exchanging her need for a home and his need for his children's care, Keara and the widower, Elam Jensen, marry. On the evening following their wedding, Gloria's widowed sister, Susanna Luther, ends up on their doorstep. Will she help or hinder this marriage of convenience?

I liked this story because Elam and Keara are better able to get to know each other's character while they shelter Susanna. Susanna comes with a story of her own, filled with excitement and suspense. Too much adventure for this young, newly constructed family? We are important in each other's lives. We have a lot to learn from each other if we will pay attention.

You may read Chapter One in a three-page excerpt from The Wedding Kiss at Hannah Alexander's website. This novel is available in print and eBook format from and other booksellers.