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Dawn at Emberwilde by Sarah E. Ladd, © 2016

A Treasure of Surrey Novel, Book 2

Sarah Ladd's stories are so riveting!

Fellsworth School
Surrey, England, 1817
My name is Isabel Creston. My younger sister Lizzie and I live at the Fellsworth School. I am called one morning to Mr. Langsby's study. I am so excited as I have been waiting for a governess position ~ my first time away following my day-to-day training. But... it is not so. I am told to pack and prepare for a trip to an unknown-to-me aunt and uncle. I am told they have an estate known as Emberwilde Hall at the edge of a dense forest. I didn't know Lizzie and I had other relatives beyond ourselves. My father has passed away, and my mother when I was very young. My father remarried and his second wife, Lizzie's mother, has also died. So here we are. Unexpectedly, the next day will be so different from what we know.

I must leave my dear friend, Mary. I discover a small package and note from her enclosed in my bag upon opening it in the bedchamber set aside for me.
"... Remember, with each new dawn seek guidance, and with each night give gratitude. For there is a divine plan for each of our lives, and a journey, and you have started yours."
How will I ever forget her? I am sure I will not. Along with guidance, I will be missing our talks together. She has included a hand-stitched sampler:

My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Lord;
in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee,
and will look up.

I immediately find that my aunt and uncle have plans for me to wed advisably, but I am quite content as I am. One day, yes, I hope to marry, but only for love and not "arranged" as my cousin is betrothed. Rules and expectations are so different here. Routine so unaccustomed from what I have known.
   She had expected everything to change upon coming to Emberwilde, but she had not anticipated such alterations to her heart.
   --Dawn at Emberwilde, 230
Suspense, uncertainty of trust, meeting a blending of character not always apparent to those near them. Sarah Ladd has woven a story that will bring you to the brink more than once along with those wondering who and when culprits will be apprehended.

Sarah Ladd
Discover Romance and Adventure in Dawn of Emberwilde. --author Sarah E. Ladd

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