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The Cautious Maiden by Dawn Crandall, © 2016

The Everstone Chronicles, Book 4

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Things are changing at Everston in Northern Maine. The front desk clerk, Violet Hawthorne, has a new coiffure and the deportment of Estella Blakeley's brother, Vance Everstone, has changed, as well.

Shakespeare Chateau, one of the most beautiful homes in St. Joseph, Mo. Photo by: Patrick P. EvensonAn unexpected move with Estella and her family, Violet sees more of Vance and is in a quandary as to his intentions. Having grown up at Hawthorne House, she was accustomed to refinement. This stay in Boston with the exceptional staffing and culture of her new surroundings exceeds what she has known.

One wonderful opportunity is the availability to continue her children's books writings in the seclusion of her room. The gardens are such a beautiful fragrant place to rest. Safety is paramount as rumors of being sought by an acquaintance of her brother continues to be haunting. Is this the prime reason Vance Everstone is surrounding her, or does he actually have an interest in her?

Victorian Bedroom:
I liked how this story is written in first-person to have a first-hand impression of the character's thoughts... and motives. Violet has a pure heart and anyone would be drawn to her.

Bram Everstone is gracious in including her amid his children and their families, as he did with Amaryllis when he first met her early on in the series. He has allowed his children to be who they are and has endeared himself as the patriarch of this family.

*** Thank you author Dawn Crandall and to Whitaker House for sending an advance reader copy for review. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.*** 

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