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A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz, © 2017

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and He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation,
Acts 17:26 NASB
Surveying the first great gateway to the west in "Kentucke" between the Cumberland Gap, follow the buffalo, the Native American, the longhunter, the pioneer... All traveled this route through the mountains into the wilderness of Kentucky and the banks of the Ohio River at the Falls of Ohio, aside trails, mountains, settlements, and countless rivers. Sion Morgan and his mapmaker, Cornelius Lyon, have differences as they strive to work together within the unknown land around them.
   He'd forgotten what it was like to feel a bond, kinship. To come home. To be greeted, open-armed and openhearted...
   --A Moonbow Night, 77.
To be a wanderer, could he take a risk? Reading Laura Frantz' books you become part of the narrative in a way that only a soothing ripple of a stream could be. Relaxing, tender, awaiting a coming storm that would send currents rushing over the rocks embedded beneath. Is is like a lone dog wanting to come in from the shadows to feel a touch but yet not eager to forge beyond its trembling. Sion Morgan does feel and seeks solace amid the everyday separateness of heart expanded beyond his remembrance. A fondness he desires to renew.
   "A full moon ... ample mist ... patience."
      --Ibid., 111.
Maintaining direction, his steps seemed to rebound back to where he had circled to begin ~ the Moonbow Inn. There were other travelers gathered, those who had passed along the word that there was unsettling ahead. Was there unsettling, here, for his heart?

Temperance, a name given that formed her steps. Tempe hastened to assist her mother as the Inn's hustle and din of hungry passers drew them to aromas permeating the keeping room, consuming the staples becoming meager. Respected as a sharpshooter, she had a skill needed for food when she had learned early on by her father. Now it stood before her as a reference and a following.

As their paths cross continually, they learn to maintain a semblance of aloneness ~ together. Sion needing direction; Tempe, needing a freedom to become.

Laura Frantz' story tells of a people who staked out land ~ the disruption of those displaced ~ a land that wasn't fenced or marked off, except for the familiarity of a known land to those who roamed it. My heart goes there too. This is a story of those who came, marking new lands they hadn't traveled.

On the vast,
uncharted Kentucky
frontier of 1777...

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***Thank you for authoring, Laura Frantz, and Revell Reads Fiction for sending me a copy of A Moonbow Night. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***
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  1. Kathleen, Your review is melodic with a rhythm that soothes and stirs the soul! I feel the need to rush out and acquire this book. :-)

    1. Thank you, Anne. You have described Laura Frantz' writings ~ so vivid and appealing, waiting to find out what happens next before they take their first step! Blessings! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House