Tuesday, February 7, 2017

An Amish Home ~ Four Novellas by Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, Ruth Reid & Kathleen Fuller, © 2017

The Beloved Hope Chest

An Amish Home releases today!!

Thank you, author Amy Clipston for sending me a copy of An Amish Home. I will be reviewing her novella within, "Home Sweet Home."

Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania
Driving rain welcomes Chace and Mia O'Conner and their infant daughter, Kaitlyn, to an adventure not soon to be forgotten. Shelter and friendship are before them as they settle into a small cabin, destined to become their own Home Sweet Home. With nowhere else to go, it becomes more than they could have imagined for their family beginnings.

Fresh country air beckons them as they are intrigued by their new surroundings. Isaac Allgyer and his wife, Vera, and their children welcome them and greet them beyond what they had ever experienced. Family.

Mia has never been extended such courtesies and is uncertain how to negotiate kindness. Blaming her husband for their lack displays an uneasiness of all he is doing to rectify their dilemma of bills occurring unprepared. A young marriage, learning to work together, easing guilt brought on by not knowing what to do or say, may open a door to a solution they will recognize as not only urgent but necessary to extend a hand to each other. Forgiveness, acceptance, a love greater than their own.

I really liked this story of growing together and relying on God. No other way would surface than in His love.

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