Tuesday, June 26, 2012

For Sophia's Heart, A Novella by Lyn Cote

5.0 out of 5 stars Message for Lyn Cote! Thank you for this beautiful story!!, June 26, 2012
Kathleen -Amazon Verified Purchase -
This review is from: For Sophia's Heart, A Novella (Kindle Edition)
I just finished reading For Sophia's Heart, A Novella. Thank you so much. It is so pure and good. I cried in two places, it was so endearing. (I know, you want to know where!) I would need to look back to it, but possibly it wouldn't be in the same place twice. Such a beautiful story and heritage. I just wanted to tell you thank you and I feel this would be a beautiful full length novel. Kathleen

You don't want to miss this wonderful story. From beginning to end it touches the frailty and fragileness of man. It is wartime and poverty dividing the haves from the have-nots. The story opens with two people on a train; strangers who help each other. I am a book-in-hand person, so to read this in eBook form was a stretch for me. I am so glad I did! It was riveting. I was right there alongside them as their story unveiled. It is beautiful. One thing that stuck out to me was our apprehension to be known when we are uncertain of the actions of another. The sad part is that by holding back, so does the other person, not wanting to offend or be offended. What do we set aside because of vain imaginations; what have we lost because we haven't been ourselves, true to our heart? I am not saying, carrying my heart on my sleeve, but rather true to who we are. Being a lighthouse for others to see by. So good. I loved this Novella and would love to see it rewritten to include a future and a hope in greater detail and longevity! Very excellent.

This is a Historical Fiction story based on the remembrance of an ancestor. This story fits in any generation ~*~ generosity ~*~ of ourselves.


I know who this is! But... I am making him the hero!

... And his real-life bride would be our heroine.


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    1. Oh, I so loved this story. Thank you, Lyn. Kathleen
      (Still would like to have it as a full-length novel!!)