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The Captive Imposter by Dawn Crandall, © 2015

The Everstone Chronicles ~ Book Three

to hide away as someone else and find yourself...

Each of The Everstone Chronicles is so richly written exploring the personhood of each of the siblings. From the same family, but yet so different as their personalities emerge. The cast of characters embodies life as they come together in their daily activities. I like how they are supportive of each other; well mostly. One character that stood out to me in The Captive Imposter was the mother of the resort's manager, Dexter Blakeley. She put a different spin on the story by either being ignored when she had an outburst or coddled to calm her down. A reflection on what trying to control your children into adulthood looks like doesn't exactly appear endearing.

Here is a section I truly loved! So true...
   The scratching sound on my door that had awakened me resumed, followed by a tiny purr. Still wearing only my nightgown, I opened the door just a crack. A kitten with gray and black stripes butted its head against the door, pushing it open enough to slip inside. Once my furry guest had been admitted, I closed the door quickly, hoping no one had seen or heard me do so.
   The kitten jumped up on the bed and curled into a ball amid my messy covers. It appeared Mrs. McGuire had given me the room belonging to this cat.
   --The Captive Imposter, 105
Elle skirts around every day "getting to know you" questions; Dexter tries to keep all the plates spinning as he manages Everston, cares for his sister and mother, his staff and guests, and the gnawing attraction to Elle. Sworn not to fall in love after the severing relationship his brother had, his giving nature has a difficult time separating his intent with who he is.

Traveling at dusk:
traveling at dusk
I have read all three of these novels and each time... "This is my favorite." (Well, I still hold on to book one and Amaryllis, fondly.) I liked how this story began with Elle and Dexter meeting in the same stagecoach on the way to Everston. Mrs. Granton has subtle and not so subtle ways of hoping romance blossoms as she watches for opportunities to urge them toward each other.

Written in first person past tense, I found this story to be very open as you come to know the thoughts and feelings of the character(s). I highly recommend Dawn Crandall's writings. I enjoyed watching the drawing of the Lord in lives and how He was received. Dr. Jay Crawford, although pursuing his missions calling, did not seem to have the tenderness of heart as others who sought the Lord in their daily life. He seemed more guarded and functionary as he entered, revealing a need to check motives and intents, picked up on by others in proximity?

God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart. ~ 1 Samuel 16:7b

Dawn Crandall @dawnwritesfirst website

***Thank you to author Dawn Crandall and to Whitaker House for sending a review copy of The Captive Imposter to me. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***
The Captive Imposter is a finalist in
the 2016 RWA Colorado Award of
Excellence Contest!

Released as eBooks, Dawn Crandall's stories are now available in print! Love this photo of Dawn with her three Everstone Family covers and a continuing stand-alone, The Cautious Maiden, releases in October 2016!
Release Day is October 4, 2016! 

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