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A Hopeful Heart by Amy Clipston, © 2013, © 2016

Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel, Book 1


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The Grand Hotel in Paradise, Pennsylvania, employs Amish women to be housekeepers for their guest rooms. Widow Hannah Glick co-owns a horse farm business with her brother-in-law, Joshua. Her hotel wages will help toward hiring a man to work in the stables.

Hannah has three children. Her twin teenage daughters, Lillian and Amanda, work within their community members. On the alternate days that their mamm is away from home, Lillian cares for their younger brother, Andrew.

Hannah unexpectedly begins talking with an English guest at the hotel who has lost his wife and teenage daughter to an accident. She finds herself at ease sharing her thoughts about loss and life changes she has not voiced to anyone. She is reminded by an older coworker about talking with guests at the hotel. And, by her family...
Families were full of complicated, intertwined relationships that somehow translated into love and support.
  --A Hopeful Heart, 69.
Each character is fully developed and although Hannah is the main character, her family and those around them have a complete voice. Do we see our intentions as others see them? Matters of the heart being justified or are others warily looking on?

Conversational, author Amy Clipston reveals each character's heart with their thoughts and interactions together. Hannah has a good listening friend in Ruth, who allows her to speak out loud to hear and process her thoughts. Unsure how it is going to turn out until arriving at the last page will keep you engaged in this first story in this new series.

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