Saturday, January 29, 2011

Do less and Seymour

My very first blog! Today I had a wonderful adventure!! Driving home from Springfield, I was reading and my husband said, "Your favorite is coming up! A whole family this time." A horse and wagon with three children in the back. As we were side by side, the little girl in the middle, between age of 7-9 I would guess, in her black bonnet waved at me quickly and discreetly at chest level, very undetectable to mom and dad! And me with my yellow ball cap on! She reached my heart...
I began to tell my husband about blogspots and how I titled one but hadn't written yet. I said most I have read were written by young women in their mid-twenties to early thirties staying home with their children, and home-schooling. I love the freedom of these women to love their children all day, do crafts, decorate their homes simply and being outdoors together. Wonderful!
I mentioned their words of wisdom in their daily lives. My husband asked me what words of wisdom did I have with my Do less... I said, "Do less talking, listen more." I have been reading a book by Dr. Norm Wakefield, entitled, "[Between the Words] The Art of Perceptive Listening." Half way finished reading. I need to go to bed... I will finish this tomorrow evening.