Monday, October 24, 2011

Kim Vogel Sawyer's A Whisper of Peace

New book by Kim Vogel Sawyer!
Whisper of Peace, A, Kim Vogel Sawyer, 978-0-7642-0785-3 
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This story begins as Clay Selby, a missionary's son, and his stepsister, Vivian, are enroute from Oklahoma to Alaska to begin a church and school among the Athapascan Indians in 1898. They meet Lizzie Dawson, a young woman who lives in a cabin near the Indian village. They become friends and then are told by the tribal leaders they are to choose to remain in their village by separating themselves from Lizzie who is set apart from the tribe because of her mixed heritage. Vivian and Lizzie find that they have a lot in common. They both are on a journey of reconciliation. Clay busies himself with the construction of the mission building and finds himself separated from both the people he has come to live among and from his heart's longing to be included with Lizzie's friendship.

This is a story of unspoken generational misunderstandings. The characters are honoring and supportive of their beliefs. Will they be able to come together to remedy losses they have already experienced?

This story is very well written and engaging. It is a story of trust and triumph; of longing to belong and finding a whisper of peace.

Available in eBook format: Kindle Edition and NOOK Book; Hardcover and Paperback.

I received a copy of this book free from Bethany House Publishers for this review in my own words.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Book by Susan Meissner! A Sound Among the Trees

Do you wish an ancestor had left a legacy for you to discover? Journaling is so valuable! Be it in scrapbooks with drawings, a photo album with names beneath the photos!, or letters left behind, truth is unveiled for us. Are we tied to the past, struggling, or freed by it? Susan Meissner's novel "A Sound Among the Trees" reveals choices made by generations living within stately Holly Oak.

Historical Fiction

A Sound Among the Trees is an intricately woven story of generations within Holly Oak, a southern manor home. Adelaide is an elderly grandmother who has mourned the passing of her granddaughter, Sara, and the absence of her daughter, Caroline, Sara's mother. Her widowed grandson-in-law, Carson, has brought his new bride, Marielle, to Holly Oak, his home with his two children and Adelaide.

A Sound Among the Trees by Susan Meissner - Book Trailer

Marielle meets older women who share the view of a haunted Holly Oak robbing the women for generations within its walls. Evidences of a sheltering Holly Oak begin to unravel these stories, as Marielle begins her journey into the ancestral lines cloaked within Holly Oak. This is a story rich in heritage and hope. Truth triumphs for the family over the rumors about matriarch Susannah.

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Here is a book that is going to surprise you! It is not all as it seems. Chapter Twenty-Three: "Marielle eased her body down the wooden steps, her sodden sneakers turning brown with subterranean dirt and dust." I was upstairs reading, reading, reading with our 15-year-old cat snoozing on my lap, when I turned the page and read the above. Realizing this is going to be a longer night! I came downstairs to get a drink of water while my husband innocently is watching a football game. Intrigue!

There are five parts to this book: The Garden; The Parlor; The Studio; The Cellar; and Holly Oak. Each is vital in revealing a sound among the trees. This is the second book by this author that I have read, becoming newly acquainted with her historical fiction while reading "Lady in Waiting." I have thoroughly enjoyed the unexpected turn stumbled upon as if by accident, at the turning of each page. No preconceived notions here! For a fresh and appealing storyline, venture within and enjoy Susan Meissner's novels. I will be reading "A Sound Among the Trees" a second time! I don't want to miss any of it!

Besides eBooks and Print, this book is also available as an unabridged Audiobook download.

This book was sent to me free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for my own opinion review.