Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fun in Living

I have had so much fun in living, that I haven't taken time to stop and post a blog page. Today I read one of my favorites is stopping her travels long-distance to nest awhile. She was very brave! Which brings me to ask you, each of you, do you realize how important you are to others?? Encouragement, a stop in the day to pause and enjoy womanhood. I read blogs from young women and love how they cherish their families and simple living.

I am newly retired, for a year and a half, and am still on a long vacation.... I have many interests and being with other people and sharing our lives together now has not been a difficult switch from a "normal" life of busyness. Now I get to enjoy it longer! These are my wonderful opportunity days: Quilting on Tuesdays with a roomful of ladies from surrounding communities. If anyone would like to send me 100% cotton scraps, I would love to receive them. I love stars!!! There are so many variances and colors!! Bible studies on Wednesday and Thursday mornings which are quite different from each other--one accountability and the other reflective. Monday, Friday and Saturday surround these middle of the week days with home-keeping and being available. Sunday we go to church in the morning, have lunch out with friends, and evening home group reviewing the morning service for questions or further discussion together.

I love it here on our hilltop so much. We have wonderful neighbors below us. From the moment we moved in, they have cared for us. Unpacking day, the young family mom came up the lane with her stroller and son, bringing sweet tea, lemonade, strawberries, Krispy Kremes, and paper products for our crew just sitting down for a rest! While painting the house from rust to honey golden yellow, we were invited down for spaghetti supper, with garlic bread and farm fresh creamy yellow butter. Our neighbor next to them watch our home when we go visiting our children, each within a day's drive now! We are so blessed in this community.

Time to go for Wednesday night service at church! One day I will tell you how we "happened" to find our home on a hilltop!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heaven's Gain--Leisha and Justice Kelly

How brief our stay. How important our giving.

Seventeen days ago this evening, author Leisha Kelly and her 16-year-old son Justice were killed in a 3-car accident. To me, Leisha Kelly is an author with so many words, so many values, wholesome stories. Up close and personal, she is daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, sister, wife, mother, friend .... I use first person, as she is still these to those she is loved by. Remember her husband and 14-year-old daughter during these hours, days, weeks, months, years as they are so near their absence. Especially her home-schooled daughter. Adjustments, changes for each of them. Leisha Kelly gave love through the character qualities in her writings. She will be very missed by all who were associated with her. She enriched many lives.