Saturday, November 5, 2011

Autumn in the Ozarks 2011

Today is a beautiful day in the Ozarks! My friend Mary and I went to Ava to visit our last shop on the final day of the Fall Quilt Shop Hop. I immediately sat on the floor and dumped out the barrel of fabric scraps (after asking, of course). The young lady behind the counter said, "Oh, I remember seeing you there last time!" I love scrappy ***stars***.

I took this photo while excitedly waiting for Mary to pick me up. When I got back home, my husband had all of those leaves blown and the grass cut for the last time this Fall. In the photo, he is blowing the leaves around a flower bed as our friend Jedadiah and his son Ethan stop by.

Mary and I were told not to miss lunch at the Ava Drug Co. with an Old Time lunch counter, red stools screwed down to the floor, and booths... with Old Time prices, too. We enjoyed homemade sandwiches on wheat with chips, $3.25; a regular size Cherry Coke, 10 cents (small, 5 cents); and double dip ice cream in a circular cone, 10 cents (one dip, 5 cents). We sat in a booth next to the Old Time jukebox with 45's, 10 cents a play, and heard three ♪♥♫ Everly Brothers  ♪♥♫  tunes  ♪♥♫  in a row, ending with  ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ "All I Have To Do Is Dream."

I bet you figured this out!! This is Lane Hill House. Enjoy Fall wherever you are!


  1. What a wonderful place Lane Hill house is!! I just popped over from She Reads and found out we also have quilting in common too. It makes me smile. ~Linda A from Wisconsin

  2. Wow! Your house looks like a great place to live. What a wonderful setting. Love the tree-studded drive.

    How neat to dine at an old-fashioned lunch counter. Getting a soda for 10¢ is so cool. The 5¢ a scoop ice cream cone reminds me of my days as a kid when my dad would treat me to a double scoop cone at Thrifty Drug for one thin dime.

    Quilts are such beautiful creations. I love the history behind the old-fashioned ones. There's a new line of quilt romances coming from Abingdon Press. A different quilt will be featured in each of them. I'm looking forward to their release.

  3. This looks so great, what a beautiful home, and I love soda shops, too! My mom was a quilter and I have many beautiful quilts she made. Blessings, Kathleen!