Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Luci Swindoll simple secrets to a happy life ~*~ 50 ways to make the most of every day

Luci Swindoll shares simple pleasures in a "complication" world. Not out there ~*~ but where I live. Do I complicate the journey, by keeping on heavy winter boots when I could be putting on spring waders to walk in the puddles that will surely come? When I was a young woman, I remember running down the sidewalk barefoot to get a quart of milk at the grocer on the corner. The response to me was, "We know you enjoyed every minute of being in the rain, with an excuse of being out of milk!"

Yes, that would describe me. I love fun, adventure, and indeed, simple pleasures, not complicated as I could make them. So, definitely, I was drawn to this title by Luci Swindoll, simple secrets to a happy life. I have had the blessing of being at a conference where Luci Swindoll spoke. I love her sense of humor and her timing! I had taken three of her books that I loved and had the pages marked that especially delighted me, saying, "Will you please sign here?"... and to my next little bookmark, "and here, and here, please?" And... she did.

Simple secrets to a happy life is so full of treasures. I could not hurriedly read this one, as is practical with all of her books, because of the wisdom and care in them. This is tried and true advice of one who has experienced life and enjoyed every moment of choosing to live as the Lord has provided for us.

Practical, attainable insight to what we can do and be to enjoy a happy life. Fifty times three equals 150 pages of snippets of a life well-lived and being lived. If you have ever wanted an older sister to help you along, in your quiet talks together, you may borrow Luci. Each topic is kept to three pages. So very full in three short pages. There are five sections; Beginning with the Basics, Developing Your Style, Achieving Balance, Living a Good Life, and Staying Connected, with ten topics within each section. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be reading it again more than once. There are notes on journaling, which I especially liked; letting others know you care in practical ways; treating yourself well to stay well; and experiencing God fully. Actively valuing God, others, self; a practical partaker in all of your life.