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Nancy Herriman's The Irish Healer: A Novel, c2012

I believe Miss Dunne must know my Irish Healer!

In receipt of a book of poetry she declares she has read Mary Herbert's psalms, and the good doctor requests she read her favorite.

p 134
Her smile faltered. "Surely you are too busy to listen to me recite poetry."

   He was busy, but he didn't care. He'd gotten her to accept the book, and he wanted to steal a few moments with her and forget the pile of work waiting on his office desk.

And! Guess what her favorite Psalm is!! The same as mine!

   "It's another hour before I'm expecting a patient. Plenty of time."

   "In that case ..." She flipped through the pages and found the poem. "Here is one. Psalm 139."

   "Miss Dunne cleared her throat and began to read aloud:
O Lord, O Lord, in me there lieth naught
But thy search revealed lies,
For when i sit
Thou markest it;
No less thou notest when I rise;
Yea, closest closet of my thought
Hath open windows to thine eyes.

Thou walkest with me when I walk;
When to my bed for rest I go,
I find thee there,
And everywhere:
Not youngest thought in me doth grow,
No, not one word I cast to talk
But yet unuttered though dost know ...

The very first time I read this psalm I was in a Bible study. It answered all of my questions from God. My mother had died at age 41, a month before my sixth birthday. The Lord was with me all of the days of my life; before I was even born he knew me. Too marvelous for words!

Miss Dunne, perhaps you would like my other favorite psalm:
Psalm 119:111
Thy testimonies have I taken as an heritage for ever: for they are the rejoicing of my heart.

Another similarity... she goes for a job interview, a position I held with special needs children for 12 years.

Oh, my. May your life be blessed! I must read on to discover your play-out of Jeremiah 29:11! (Do you take to talking to your protagonist??)

I must go off now and search for the remainder of this beautiful Psalm. (I found it! I will print it out on another blog page.)

Back to Miss Dunne in Nancy Herriman's novel, The Irish Healer.

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You may get your own first copy and read it before I finish!

Book Description

April 3, 2012
Accused of murdering a child under her care, Irish healer Rachel Dunne flees the ensuing scandal while vowing to never sit at another sickbed. She no longer trusts in her abilities-or God's mercy--though when a cholera epidemic sweeps through London, she feels compelled to nurse the dying daughter of the enigmatic physician she has come to love. James Edmunds, wearied by the deaths of too many patients, has his own doubts about God's grace. Together, they will have to face their darkest fears . . . and learn what it means to have real faith.

From back cover of book:
1830s London is rich with promise. And fraught with peril. Rachel Dunne and James Edmunds are about to discover that love is too.

Rachel Dunne has always been a healer ... until she's accused of causing the death of a child under her care. Acquitted but shunned, she flees Ireland in search of a new life, convinced that she'll be fine so long as no one in London learns of her disgrace--or forces her to ever sit at another sickbed.

Physician James Edmunds has endured the loss of too many patients--the death of his wife the greatest blow of all. Deep in his grief, and no longer certain that God can be trusted, he decides the time has come to abandon his practice and run his family's small farm. Alone. Though when he's drawn to the intriguing Irish woman who has recently joined his household, he begins to reconsider his well-laid plans.

Then cholera sweeps through London, and the life of James's young daughter hangs in the balance. Can Rachel and James overcome their innermost fears and regain their faith? Or is it too late for trust and love to heal their hearts?
The Irish Healer
"Click to look inside!" To search inside this book to take a sneak peek, the first chapter and chapter 2 to page 6, to whet your appetite!.

More later.

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