Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Victorian Spring: A Matchmaker Governess Novelette by Ruth Axtell, © 2014

Matchmaking Governess series, Book 1

This is a sweet, sweet story. Don't miss it!

RuthAxtell_VictorianSpringVictorian Spring

London, 1893.

Widowed governess Constance Whitaker has just taken charge of two young children in a comfortable middle-class household in a London square and already she is frazzled by their spoiled behavior. But with a young son and widowed mother to support, she has little choice but to brave it out. When an encounter during an April shower with her neighbor, widower Angus Sherwood, stirs hopes and longings, she tells herself not to create pipe dreams like a schoolgirl.

Mabel Atwood has more than friendship in mind when she introduces herself to Constance. As governess to Angus’s 13-year-old daughter, she thinks Constance is the perfect match for her widowed employer. So does his daughter, Natalie.

But what does Constance’s heart say?

From Redcliffe Square in Kensington to the seaside town of Margate, Book One of the Matchmaking Governess series takes the reader into the late Victorian era, a time of tradition and great change. Pour yourself a cup of tea and meet Mabel Atwood, the matchmaking governess. --author Ruth Axtell website
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  1. Hi Holly, Thank you for coming over to Lane Hill House. I enjoy Ruth Axtell's writings. Always a clear message and real life adventures. I really enjoyed this story. Heartwarming, especially the April shower meeting bringing new beginnings. Kathleen