Friday, October 10, 2014

Magnolia Market by Judy Christie, © 2014

A Trumpet and Vine series, Book 2

Magnolia Market is located at the intersection of Trumpet and Vine, where lives intersect.
   --author Judy Christie

I loved this book!! What a great story.

Avery Broussard thinks she is investing in her livelihood of running the family boutique she has successfully brought to the top in women's apparel, until her mother-in-law pulls it out from under her. Without a future in what she has shaped, Avery leaves to gather her thoughts, heading home in the cold and sleet. To top it off, a handyman overheard their conversation ~ one-sided, so it seemed. Tomorrow she would return and reclaim what was rightfully hers. The house key doesn't work, and as luck would have it, a truck stops and twice she runs into him in the same day. But... he knows how to get her inside. Freezing! There must be a line down with a power outage.

On her morning stop for coffee to warm up, another adventure begins at the local grocer. Leaving, she accelerates and goes forward on the ice instead of back, managing to bring the car next to her along right into Magnolia Market. How many more days of this?! Kathleen Manning, the owner of the other car, comes flying out to get insurance information. Who should appear? T. J., the now on first-name basis carpenter... again. A call to her insurance agent, it appears Avery's insurance is expired. Add to that expired tags and a ticket from the investigating officer, who happens to know T. J., as he offers to give Avery and Kathleen a lift to where they need to go.

Knocking at her door the next morning, Kathleen informs Avery the check she gave her for repairs has bounced at the bank. Further checking, she finds she has no funds. Her account has been closed.

Everything is owned and rescinded by her late husband's family ~ the boutique, her car, her house, and monies, including her savings toward the purchase of the boutique. Even her attorney is secured by the Broussards.

What is a girl to do? I loved how this story plays out and the richness of friendships Avery discovers after being away from family and friends since the death of her husband a year earlier. Comically written, the above chaotic events bring a very satisfying outcome to her life. The daily lives of those around her add to the story, including Bill, the owner of Magnolia Market who has his suspicions about her.

This story will bring a smile and is a page-turner. I really liked it. I recommend it to all age groups ~ very well written.

Judy Christie started her writing life by keeping a diary when she was nine ~ and still has all of them. A former newspaper editor and reporter, she blogs from her green kitchen couch at her Website and loves visiting with readers at book clubs and online on Facebook and Twitter. A fan of books, pen and paper, primitive antiques and porch swings, she writes fiction with a Louisiana flavor. She and her husband live in northern Louisiana.

***Thank you to BookLook Bloggers for this review copy during the book tour of Judy Christie's Magnolia Market. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

The first book in the Trumpet and Vine series ~ photo-6
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   --Author Judy Christie

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