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The Promise Keeper by Lisa Norato, © 2015

     A Sea Heroes of Duxbury novel
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
   --John 1:5 NIV
Duxbury, Massachusetts, 1825
Early morning brings Iris Moon to the shoreline. The mist closes in as the vapors rise from the waters. Crossing to Clark's Island in her small skiff, Moonbeam, she is delivering a Christmas basket to the solitary lighthouse keeper from the Ladies Charitable Sewing Society of Duxbury. But... she has something else entirely in mind. She has looked across the bay to the lights each morning from the roof platform of their home. Now she has a devised plan in place to take a closer look, hoping to see the secluded light keeper face-to-face.

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This man was a stranger, and yet not a stranger.
   --The Promise Keeper, 60

The wiles of one so young, and yet not young, Iris Moon reflects on this odd fleeting thought penetrating her heart. How has she known this caretaker of Pilgrim Light in the past? No one will say. Yet those piercing eyes, known only to her, penetrate the darkness and enlighten her gaze. Gently, solidly, and yet so distant. A promise of distant past kept hidden only from her?
His name ~
It touched her heart in a way her mind could not begin to comprehend.
   --Ibid., 61

I long to hear the story unfold as well as Iris, wanting to know this man who calls her "little sea urchin," and solidly unperceived by her, sees her ...with beauty and a courageous heart.

Reading this story I am reminded of David Copperfield and Johnny Tremain, in the quaintness of it. The lighthouse keeper stands out in his humility and servitude. From his youth at sea with Captain Moon, his strength and stability has grown; trustworthy, he is an honor to all surrounding Duxbury. He is submitted to the One who holds his heart. Courageous.
Unto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness: he is gracious, and full of compassion, and righteous.
   --Psalm 112:4
A full story of grace and overcoming beyond what could have been imagined. I like the relationship between Iris and her father, a comfort between them. Their dearly beloved housekeeper, Hetty, is a delightful caregiver herself. Acceptance and chivalry avail as the story unfolds. I enormously enjoyed reading The Promise Keeper. With impending adventures close at hand, it was hard to stop turning to the next page! Nearing the last dozen pages, I hated for it to end. Thank you Lisa Norato for an engaging and delightful story so well-written. I look forward to the next mystery and suspenseful Sea Heroes of Duxbury novel.

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***Thank you to author Lisa Norato for sending me a copy of her novel, The Promise Keeper, for review. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

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