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The Brontë Plot by Katherine Reay, © 2015


The Brontë Plot ~*
the life that’s been waiting for her all along

My review:

Following Dear Mr. Knightley and Lizzy & Jane, by Katherine Reay, I have awaited book three!
DearMrKnightley-e1380237530598  Lizzy-and-Jane_2_WEB3
This new adventure follows rare books aficionado, Lucy Alling, from Chicago as she discovers England with a dear new friend, grandmotherly Helen Carmichael, who will become a fun friend for you to follow too.

London, here we come!!
All books have it…that time when you don’t know where you’ll be, but you can’t stay as you are.
   --The Brontë Plot
You want me as your shopping consultant?? I am ready, with ticket in hand!

Bronte parsonage bronte sisters england haworth house - Bronte house
visiting the home of the Brontë sisters ~ Haworth House

This trip is beyond exploring as Lucy yearns to find herself embedded in the sweet countryside with her heart open to receive joy. She has a side trip she is eager to explore, but will it turn out to be all that she expected? Bravery. Lucy comes to find wholeness she thought was incomplete without the input of another. Helen puts to rest all the anxiety of the past as she reckons with what is not hers to possess. She is joined with Lucy in discovering that today is all she needs to reflect upon, not woulda, coulda's of the past. Somehow finding each other is more than they could have anticipated ~ despite their differences, their story is very similar in their search. Meeting the ruins of yesteryear releases the knowledge of what they hold dear has been theirs all along.

The story builds as layer upon layer is expanded to release joy beyond their immediate grasp, returning them home both with satisfaction of a life well spent and a renewed future unfolding before them. I am most pleased that Lucy realizes another cannot fulfill her but rather come alongside as they walk together. I like how Helen is finally able to be open with her family, going beyond secrets she has held inside. Sharing with Lucy has revealed trust she can have by freeing herself to receive the love she so earnestly desires and has had all along, recognizable when she lets others in.

The Brontë Plot follows this author's continued story of hope and relation when we are open to one another in trust and assurance of honesty projected to one another. Alike but different, experience joy and beauty by revealing truth of who we are, nudging us lovingly forward.
 81H-z9C9L0L   Katherine Reay 
***Thank you to BookLook Bloggers for sending me a copy of Katherine Reay's The Brontë Plot for review. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

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