Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Portrait of Emily Price by Katherine Reay, © 2016

A restorer's job was never to enhance, simply reveal.
   --A Portrait of Emily Price, 22.
My review:
A new town, a new project, my same tools ~ trustworthy in my hands. A life uncovered to restore. Drawn in, I am enhanced. My ready impression of Emily; alive, aware, feeling, quietly and astutely studying all about her. After a fire, restoration begins ahead of her arrival ~ the barebone basics ready for her fine touch and renewal with lives revealed in the gatherings.

Helping another, and finding yourself.
...restoration work was like a sophisticated paint-by-number exercise. Great skill meant you stayed in the lines and matched your colors, textures, and viscosity to perfection.
   --Ibid., 53.
Life happens as you continue at what you know. Filled in lines with happiness and joy from succession forward.

Image result for young girl on a swing I like how Emily is able to space her time ~ knowing when to stop to go to the next cycle of grace. She is beyond what appears and sees into the heart of another ~ their memories, and their goals to hold on to what they have known to be able to advance to where the next step takes them. Life. Forward.

Benchmark places. Recording now to a place in the future you will look back on. I succeeded there and can go forward here. So beautiful to see Brooke with eyes of hope ~ the young girl within.
 ~ restoration ~ It was a field based on the finite nature of any work––a work already in existence.
   --Ibid., 91.
A dream and a melody. Ben and Joseph, brothers so different yet so near, yearning for respect and care from each other though many hours apart. Dreams in action, formidable to touch without an interloper willing to stand between to interpret their visions into actions.

Emily has a trip ahead of her, and in turn, may find more of herself exposed, revealing a discovery closest to her heart.

***Thank you, author Katherine Reay for a special story and Thomas Nelson for sending a review copy. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

Thomas Nelson

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