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Upon a Spring Breeze by Kelly Irvin, © 2017

Every Amish Season, Book 1


Such a beautiful visual cover! Ready to open up and begin reading...

I so enjoyed the Amish of Bee County series by this author and am ready for this new series that will contain F*O*U*R novels. We will be meeting the Weaver and Graber families featured in Jamesport, Missouri.

In Upon a Spring Breeze, the first book in my new Amish romance series, Every Amish Season, Bess Weaver’s first step in healing after tragedy is to visit a nursery, pick out her favorite flowers, take them home, and plant them. Here’s a snippet from the nursery scene:
“Take these.” He shoved a tray of golden yellow marigolds along with another of pink impatiens onto the cart. “Oh, and these. You’ll need to balance out the colors.”
“Zinneas in pinks, yellows, and fuchsia. A cornucopia of color. Somehow she felt better already, and not a single flower had graced Mattie’s garden. “Thank you.”
Watching new life sprout in the spring reminds Bess that her life isn’t over. This is a season of change in her life, just as it is in ours. Sometimes flowers are the best medicine.
   --author Kelly Irvin ~ flowers

Blue Morning Glories, Four O'Clocks, and White Moon Flowers are some of my favorites ~ the beginning and ending of a day. Bess Weaver has received therapeutic value from her plantings. A young widow with her newborn son, Bess strives to find her place in her new life, so different from what she had expected in continuation of each day.

I was glad Bess had a listening ear by those near her. Women in her community come alongside and are such a benefit for her. I especially liked Mary Katherine Ropp, an older widow who lovingly nurtured Bess, gathering her in with Jennie Troyer and Laura Kauffman, befriending her when they could understand the most. They wisely love her by example rather than telling, for each one must experience a resurfacing after a raw loss and new directions. Moms can remember what it was like with your first child ~ uncertain of what you were to do and others seemed to do it so easily.

Bess does not want to become a burden and seeks employment to help with daily needs within her extended family. Post-partum depression and feelings of inadequacy, Bess relies on skills she does have.

Spring is in the air and the Purple Martins have come to nest. A reminder that life continues and you can rely on growth and the cycle of seasons renewing. This story is portrayed in a realistic way surviving the best way she knew ~ by trying to find herself separate from what she had known.

I am looking forward to reading the continuing stories of these families.

Kelly Irvin
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***Thank you author Kelly Irvin for having a print copy sent to me from the publisher. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

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