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A Stranger at Fellsworth by Sarah E. Ladd, © 2017

A Treasures of Surrey Novel ~ Book 3

9780718011857, A Stranger at Fellsworth, Sarah E. Ladd

Miss Henrietta Stillworth
Miss Annabelle Thorley sees with the heart. Away from the crowd of demands and sequenced from what could have become her plight, she goes forward, looking beyond what appears.

How often do we withhold what we realize a person needs ~ a smile, a nod, an agreeable answer ~ so simple but often withheld unknowingly when we could have provided the very thing that would put a lilt to their walk? In this instance, it wasn't those things, but it was understanding that transpired.
You gave the woman the object she attempted to rob you of.
   --A Stranger at Fellsworth, 15.
Already I am indebted to Annabelle for the realization that "but for the Lord, there go I." Taking where we are for granted, blessings that are overflowing are capable of easing the need of another. Perhaps, not require, but would ease their load? As Annabelle, her eyes were open to see the personhood.

I love this quote:
"It does amaze me how you manage to find adventure wherever you go,...."
   --Ibid., 20.
Owen Locke, the gamekeeper at Bancroft Park ~ Fellsworth in Surrey, heeds closer observation as to his awareness too!

Wilhurst House, London
Annabelle's brother, Thomas, is expecting a house guest, Mr. Stephen Treadwell. Unaware this was the destination as well of Owen Locke, Annabelle is surprised they meet again. Fortunate, indeed, that they had made each other's acquaintance prior to his arrival at Wilhurst House.
The moment her foot touched the carriage step, she traded the life she knew for another one yet unknown.
   --Ibid., 75.
Regency-Women Set 22 | Richard Jenkins Photography:
Miss Annabelle Thorley
Annabelle leaves London, arriving at her aunt and uncle's home in Fellsworth. As superintendent of the Fellsworth School, Annabelle is offered housing and a position at the school.

Young Miss Hannah Locke
Upon Owen's arrival back at Bancroft Park, he has occasion to meet Annabelle again. His daughter attends the school as a boarder. As a widower, Owen is appreciative of the direction and care his young daughter receives that he feels unqualified to provide for her. As Annabelle is asked to instruct Hannah in extra reading, she also introduces her to painting. They develop a trust in one another.

The story has twists and turns unexpectedly, matched by determination and earnest devotions to overcome adversity. It is uncertain whom can be trusted.

I would like to see Miss Henrietta Stillworth freed from her circumstances to be given the opportunity she is worthy of. To be reclaimed and loved for the true person she is.

Sarah Ladd
author Sarah E. Ladd
***Thank you, BookLook Bloggers for inviting me to be a part of the tour for this third novel in the Treasures of Surrey series by Sarah E. Ladd. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

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