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My Heart Belongs in Ruby City, Idaho: Rebecca's Plight by Susanne Dietze, © 2017

Ruby City, Idaho ~
May 1866, Owyhee County, Idaho Territory
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My Review:

An Idaho “mud wagon” arrives at Silver City’s Idaho Hotel.
Rebecca had a surprise when she got to town! This stagecoach stop will change her life and those nearby. Knowing she was to be a mail-order bride is one thing ~ being one is another!
Quickly married, she finds she has the wrong intended. Both women with the same pronunciation ~ Rebecca and Rebekah ~ sought by two Ruby City cousins. The first one there gets her! The shopkeeper is a little too tardy on his arrival.
   Rebecca bit her lip. "I arrived and he was there to greet me, a Mr. T. Fordham waiting for a Rebecca."
   --My Heart Belongs in Ruby City, Idaho: Rebecca's Plight, 23
Unraveling the mix-up becomes a chore ~ or is it a time to get acquainted?

This story will keep you on your toes. What will happen next? Past experiences cause a delay in being open to the present. Very well written, this author has put in a lot of turns and great secondary characters who bring charm to this Rebecca's life. A sweetness that she discovers unarms her defenses. Just as you think you have it all sorted out, another adventure begins changing the whole scope of things ~ one thing that keeps them all together is the great eats at Mrs. Croft's restaurant. A lot of action takes place there besides the cookin'.

I loved this story. Very active and expressive with deep thinking and plans set aside for Truth. A dividing of intent and purpose becomes the very supportive realization pulse. People matter. I liked how it was all sorted out giving care to those who deeply needed it.
Susanne Dietze
author Susanne Dietze

Ruby City, Idaho (pre-1866) Post Office Stamp
Ruby City, Idaho (pre-1866) Post Office Stamp

Seeking to encourage and entertain readers, Californian wife and mom Susanne Dietze writes romances with historical charm and timeless heart.

Wouldn't you like to reflect and gather your thoughts here?

The Quixotic Angler: Silver City, Idaho and Jordan Creek

***Thank you, Barbour Publishing, for inviting me to join Barbour's Review Crew for this terrific story by Susanne Dietze! So enjoyed it! This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

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  1. What a fantastic review. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I am so glad you liked the story.

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Such an inspiring story of trust built... and received. His plan for us is best. So glad Rebecca chose to wait until her heart developed without fearful repercussion of regret. Beautiful story. Kathleen