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The Daniel Cure: The Daniel Fast Way to Vibrant Health by Susan Gregory & Richard J. Bloomer, PhD, ©2013

21-days to form a habit ~ something you expect to do every day. Not a fad diet, or single food item, but a balanced way of eating and fasting to benefit your body, soul, mind, and spirit, and... those around you. Exercise is a good addition and plenty of drinking water to stay hydrated. You've known this before? Here is a planned out handbook to keep you on the path to excellence in living. You will find whys, answers to those whys, healthy recipes, meal planning worksheets, and 21-days of devotions to begin again as you begin your next 21-days. The object is for improved spiritual and physical health.

So... is this for you? You will need to determine change and the effort to begin and stay on course. As the saying goes, "If you do what you've always done, you will be what you've always been."

Improved health benefits in chapters covering topics such as losing weight, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, inflammation and associated diseases. Reductions in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood sugar, insulin levels, and systemic inflammation have been seen as the authors worked with the Daniel Fast over the past several years.
Susan Gregory

Richard J. Bloomer, PhD

This book is intended to provide practical material that may be helpful and informative. The information provided reflects the viewpoint of the authors and is based largely on formal education, clinical and applied experience, and independent study. Neither author is a medical doctor.
   The information in this book is not specifically intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any health problem or disease, nor is this book intended to provide medical advice or to replace the expert advice provided by your personal physician or other health-care provider. Please consult your doctor before making any decision concerning your personal health, including alterations to your diet.
   The authors and publisher accept no responsibility for any loss, risk, or liability, whether personal or otherwise, whether caused or alleged to be caused from actions taken directly or indirectly in reliance on material contained within this book. Use of this information is at the sole choice and risk of the reader.
  The statements made in this book are the views of the authors and have not been evaluated by any government agency, including the Food and Drug Administration.

This is not a stringent "eat this," but a plan to eat healthy; walking away when you are adequately full and not stuffed.
   The key to your success is to adopt an approach that includes natural, unprocessed foods--whether plant based or not. Changing the lifelong habits of the way you eat will take time and commitment. But keep your eyes on the goal and the life-changing benefits of clean eating.
   --The Daniel Cure, 105
The inclusion of other foods you enjoy, added occasionally but not a regular basis, could bring you to realize they aren't all that missed when removing sugars and white flours from every day consumption.

The basic difference in the two book plans. The Daniel Fast: plant protein. The Daniel Cure: the option of including meat protein and dairy with plant protein, after completing the Daniel Fast. This option is toward maintaining a long-term healthy lifestyle with flexibility, and in moderation. Smaller meals throughout the day, water, meal-replacement shakes, and not skipping eating.

Daily walks, exercise choices for cardiovascular and resistance/weight training, and the decision to begin take effort. This book outlines ways to begin and to continue, turning your thoughts into actions. Thirty minutes today may be more than you did yesterday. Beginning and maintaining will bring change. The book covers healthy nutrition designing a plan of your own consuming natural foods, water, and fiber.

Likely, this is not new news. It is here in one place. Making a weekly menu plan will be advance knowledge of what you are going to eat, building in for the unexpected. A shopping list to add to what you already have, will remove a need to go up every aisle looking for what you may be out of. Most quality foods are on the outer aisles. There are recipes for meal-replacement shakes, breakfast, main dishes, soups and stews, salads and dressings, rice and grains, side dishes; gravies, sauces, and dips; desserts and snacks, sample menus, and pages for notes in the back.

***The Daniel Cure released October 22, 2013. I received a manuscript copy from Linked to Lit for review purposes. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

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