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How God Grows a Woman of Wisdom: A Devotional by Anita Higman & Marian Leslie, © 2014

  The price of wisdom is beyond rubies.
                       Job 28:18

Anita Higman and Marian Leslie have joined their writings to bring a devotional with this defining Introduction:
It’s easy to dismiss wisdom as an antiquated biblical term.
It sounds so foreign to the modern mind-set, maybe a little
lofty, and almost unattainable. But to God it’s a spiritually
discerning way of living that never goes out of style.
It’s as vital as air is to our lungs.
   Wisdom isn’t about someone’s IQ or how many degrees
one has. Wisdom is the perceptive and godly judgment that
keeps a woman on track. Keeps her moving forward in grace,
beauty, and love. A woman of wisdom is a woman of prayer,
faith, and strength—a woman everyone admires.
   Where can we get such a beauty treatment for the heart?
Since God is the Father who loves to give good gifts to His
children, all you have to do is ask. . . .
A beauty treatment for the heart.

How God Grows a Woman of Wisdom is the first release in a brand-new devotional series designed to enhance your spiritual journey. Featuring two hundred–plus devotional readings complemented by scripture selections and prayers, this lovely collection offers a powerful blend of inspiration, encouragement, and motivation for every area of your life. Touching on topics like beauty, blessings, conversation, joy, patience, prayer, relationships, work, and more, you will find yourself drawn ever closer to your heavenly Father as you meditate on each reading and open your heart and mind to God’s Word.

A Scripture, devotional, and prayer ~*sweetness for the soul*~.  The last three, entitled "God Does Not Reside in a Box, Psalm 47:2; The Wear and Tear of Daily Life, Proverbs 3:5-6; and Stuck in the Past, John 8:31-32, are descriptive of our need to allow Him to change our hearts. There is a Scripture Index in the back, and to read where you are studying in the Bible.

Write in it; make it yours. Highlight and make notes in the margin, dating it. When you re-read the devotions you will be amazed to see how God has changed your perspective as you make a comment this time, and... bring a smile of remembrance.

I like the clarity and introspection these devotions bring, woman-to-woman. How dear are our experiences together as we read and reflect on all God is and has already done for us. Pearls of wisdom at just the right moment!

Excerpt ~ God Is Doing Something New

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
  I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”
                                                 Isaiah 43:19

So much of life depends on the flow of thirst-quenching water. Creeks,
streams, and rivers draw people to congregate and build towns around
them and to plant crops that grow into fields of harvest. On the other hand,
to experience a dearth of water across the land can be devastating. It can
make a verdant valley inhospitable. It can make what seems like a promise
     Imagine that desert, dry and barren—with no hope of even a cactus
flower to bloom—suddenly coming to life with bubbling pools of pure
water. That is what God promises us. He is doing something new in our
lives. He is making a path through what feels impassable, and He will
command a stream to flow through the wilderness of our pasts, places
where we had only known the wasteland of sin and a landscape of despair.
     So, believe in what God can do. Have faith, and bring your empty
buckets to the stream. Lift the dipper to your parched lips, and taste the
water that is sweet and new and refreshing.

       Father, thank You for Your provision, hope, and joy. Without You,
           life is dry and hostile. Come into my life and quench my thirst.
                 You are the only one who can fulfill me. Amen. —AH
From How God Grows a Woman of Wisdom, published by Barbour Publishing, Inc. Used by permission.

***Thank you to author Anita Higman for sending me a copy of the devotional How God Grows a Woman of Wisdom, co-written with Marian Leslie. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

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