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A Northern Belle: Happy Birthday, God's Will! Book Birthday & Giveaway...

Author Meghan M. Gorecki: Me & my book May, 2014
How on earth have two years come and gone in the blink of an eye? Sappy nostalgia ahead. Be forewarned. Two...
Read on as the author continues here on her blog...

So excited about this new author to me and her reference to this Psalm, I put on my Facebook news page this morning:
"We went through fire and water, but You brought us to a place of abundance."
  --Psalm 66:12
I saw this notice earlier today: and I want to alert you to it too!

The author refers to this devotion ~ "In the center of the circle of the Will of God I stand..."
Lovingly quoted from Streams in the Desert, August 14
In the center of the circle
    Of the Will of God I stand:
There can come no second causes,
    All must come from His dear hand.
All is well! for tis' my Father
   Who my life hath planned.

Shall I pass through waves of sorrow?
    Then I know it will be best;
Though I cannot tell the reason,
    I can trust, and so am blest.
God is Love and God is faithful,
    So in perfect Peace I rest.

With the shade and with the sunshine,
    With the joy and with the pain,
Lord, I trust Thee! both are needed,
    Each Thy wayward child to train,
Earthly loss, did we but know it,
    Often means our heavenly gain.
                                         ––I. G. W.

I love the back stories that create a new reference. I look forward to reading Meghan M. Gorecki's God's Will. On sale limited time only paperback $9.99

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