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An Amish Summer: Four Novellas by Shelley Shepard Gray, Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller, and Kelly Irvin, © 2017

These four stories are so fun! You will want to get a copy to read and you may discover new authors; definitely a new thread of adventure!
Amish youngsters:
In the first story, what would you suggest to a young man who met two sisters at a gathering, but while addressing the name on the envelope and in the salutation ... he was envisioning the one he thought was receiving his letters, and instead was "pouring out his heart" to the other sister? Oh, my. Setting up a time and place to meet in person will be a surprise to reckon with!
Shelley Shepard Gray's ~ A Reunion in Pinecraft
The Amish in Adams County, OH

Amy Clipston follows with her story, Summer Storms. How can the actions of one have such far reaching tentacles that close off and smother the plans held dear by others? You may discover that there might be a reason seen that hampers and smolders an undercurrent. Integrity opens the way to understanding, as Jesse Zook seeks to help his friend Tobias's family on their farm during his absence. Our actions do affect those around us ~ for good to reach hearts!

Image result for geneva state park ohioLakeside Love by Kathleen Fuller reveals one sister feeling she has lived in the shadow of her younger sister. Could her suspicion and hurt hide a personality wanting to come alive? To have a shadow there must be a light! The sisters find surprising outlooks when they finally speak their hearts to each other. I liked how their family was inclusive of others.

Image result for bee county texas
Welcome back to Bee County, Texas. Reading Kelly Irvin's previous series, you will want to catch up on the happenings in this small community. Who will be most surprised by One Sweet Kiss?

You are known by the company you keep. How far can you go to be believed? As Jacob King endeavors to help his friend, will his assistance continue to be misunderstood?
I'm turning Amish (not really though); this young man is good looking!:

There is a glossary of Pennsylvania Dutch words in the front and Discussion Questions after each novella. Fun to read alone or sharing with your book club. I liked all of these stories and would be difficult to pick just one as a favorite! The theme is near with discovery of each other in a new way. Communication is key to the development of the stories. Words left to the imagination fester when not revealed and exposed to truth. These authors have strongly portrayed love in its greatest form ~ another before yourself will harvest rich J*O*Ys. For the seeker and the sought, love blossoms when a friend takes the risk to be truthful rather than sparing feelings that are only a cover up emotion. Blessings in disguise bring happiness to all when following in the Lord's path. Titles of other novels and novellas by the authors are listed so you can continue on reading their stories you are sure to enjoy.

***Thank you authors and to BookLook Bloggers for supplying a copy to me. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

Shelley Shepard Gray
Amy Clipston
Kathy Fuller
Kelly Irvin

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