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Threads of Hope by Andrea Boeshaar, book 1 Fabric of Time series, ©2012

September 1848 ~ beginnings

Women immigrants; Norwegian Americans--Wisconsin.

~*My grandmother came from Norway through Ellis Island with her parents and siblings when she was 16 years old. They settled in Wisconsin.*~ Lane Hill House
Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen
your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.
                                     --Psalm 31:24
Threads of Hope Book One
Fabric of Time series
Historical Romance
Realms/Charisma Media

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Kristin Eikaas has her hopes set on a new life in America.
Kristin Eikaas comes to live with her uncle Lars and his family when she is nineteen. A smallpox epidemic took the lives of her parents and two younger brothers in Norway. Kristin's best friend's brother and father travel with her to begin a new life of prosperity with land opportunities in the Territory of Wisconsin.

Strife comes when Kristin befriends the Sundberg family on a neighboring farm, whom she meets at church. When continued troubles befall them, uncle Lars is certain the Oneida wife of Karl Sundberg has put a spell on Kristin and her coming has caused them calamities. The Olstads, who came with Kristen, do not want to associate with her for fear of being left out in the cold since they are staying on Lars property. They do not want to miss out on getting their own land. From the start her aunt Esther was short with her, likely because of the shortage of space for added people to her own family. Uncle Lars was only interested in "his inheritance" he is certain will enrich him. Her cousin Inga tells her what to do, knowing it is in strict defiance to what her mother would want Kristin doing. But thankfully, she has an advocate. Mrs. Sundberg. The perceived spell-caster. Uncle's produce wilts in the sun and does not sell at the market. When he returns home, his cow dies. Lars is finished with her. The Sundbergs give a cow and a sow in exchange for Kristen's freedom. He gives Kristen to the Sundbergs as a house girl.
   Uncle Lars raised the gun, pointing it in her direction. "You have no choice, liten niese. I only took you in because of family honor. But you are more trouble than you are worth!"
   --Threads of Hope, 117
An exchange of sleeping in the outside wagon bed to being shown her own room. A story of true honor.

Andrea Kuhn Boeshaar, Christian author of historical and contemporary romance as well as women's fiction and nonfiction.

*** Thank you to Charisma Media and author Andrea Boeshaar for this copy of Threads of Hope to review in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

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