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The Convenient Bride Collection, © 2015 ~ review of Mona Hodgson's Keeper of My Heart

KEEPER OF MY HEART is one of nine novellas in The Convenient Brides Collection. Join shootist, Neelie "Shott", as she meets up with The Boone's Lick Wagon Train Company just west of Fort Kearney, Nebraska.

Keeper of My Heart and 8 other novellas, available July 1! A blog post.

As you are running away, could you actually be running to the life meant especially for you?
Keeper Dunes Graphic

Fort Kearney, May 1866
Sharpshooter Neelie Shott starts out with a bang, but soon hightails it out of town with the hopes of catching up with the caravan of wagons heading West. From the sound of it, they can't be too far ahead; what with her quick steed and their slow turning wheels, two weeks past will be no distance for her.

Adventure lies ahead with Neelie's hopes of further lining her own pockets, with amazing skills with her cross-draw six-shooters while riding atop her galloping mustang, Whistle.

Setting out from Saint Charles, Missouri, in the spring of 1866, The Boone's Lick Wagon Train Company has passed Fort Kearney in South Nebraska, an important post on the Oregon Trail. Widower Ian Kamden and his five motherless children journey on after the death on the trail of his wife, Rhoda. So many dreams set aside.

A surprise was in store for Neelie when she reached the wagon train. Having read the previous stories, I was surprised too!

I love how Neelie's life is turning out ~ all of the things she thought were not accessible for her ~ love, recognition, a caring heart, nurturing, fulfillment.
O God, You are my God; I shall seek You earnestly; My soul thirsts for You, my flesh yearns for You, In a dry and weary land where there is no water. --Psalm 63:1 NASB
Anna sees her. How lovely to be seen beyond what we see of ourselves! Davonna sees her. To be accepted and stood up for just exactly as you are ~ for right now, and then change begins! Ian sees her. No need to hide anymore. Come as you are, to be cherished.

I am looking forward to further adventures West with The Boone's Lick Wagon Train Company.

***Thank you to author Mona Hodgson for sending me a print copy of The Convenient Bride Collection. I am reviewing her story, Keeper of My Heart. I have so enjoyed the previous stories of The Boone's Lick Wagon Train Company. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

Prairie Song, the first book in the Hearts Seeking Home Series, chronicles the overland journey of the westbound Boone’s Lick Wagon Train Company; a sequel to The Quilted Heart Novellas.

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