Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Christmas Stamp by Cynthia Hickey, © 2015

Kindle copy available for order here.

Just in time for the holidays, but a story that bears telling any time of the year, A Christmas Stamp is a short novella packed full of interesting characters and a budding romance. I liked how the story began and the characters remained genuine throughout as they were just doing their job, or so they thought. Lilly Tipton's first day on the job as switchboard operator in a small corner of the Noel, Missouri post office, becomes more than she expected as Calvin Monroe comes in to get his rural delivery mail. It is their second meeting, as they run into each other on her way home, that endears her to him. In fact, he has decided to pick her up on his way to keep her out of the weather.

The postmaster has a plan for a contest to design a special rubber stamp just in time for Christmas. Just what is needed to celebrate their little town of Noel: A postmark on outgoing mail to look as if it came from the North Pole!

It gets lively as the whole town shows an interest and volunteers arrive to sort the entries coming from throughout the state. With an unintended extension, what will be decided? Awaiting the selection, there appears to be more results from the contest than one winner. Join Noel, Missouri, as a merry Christmas is sure to arrive.

***Thank you to author Cynthia Hickey for sending me a beta copy of A Christmas Stamp for review. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

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