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At Love's Bidding by Regina Jennings, © 2016

ALB - Dark Hair

Horticulture Hall in Boston, 1870. This building inspired the Wimplegate's Auction House.: Beacon Hill, Boston Massachusetts: From the neat and tidy streets of Boston, Massachusetts, Miranda Wimplegate and her grandfather, Elmer Wimplegate, leave their Wimplegate Auction House to board the train heading through the Missouri Ozarks ~ only they will be stopping.

Unfortunately, when Miranda saw the next item up for bid wasn't in her carefully drawn auction catalog, she didn't interrupt her grandfather so as not to embarrass him. How could a portrait of a man within a fine frame disrupt their reputation as a sale house? Thus, sends them on a merry chase to the auction house they have purchased sight unseen in Pine Gap, Missouri, to intercept the painting before it is resold.

the good ol days: Will they be in for a big surprise upon arriving and finding what else is for sale along with the local art.
   "Mr. Pritchard here. So sorry we didn't have someone to pick you up, but here you are. Now, I did just as you asked and haven't sold a thing ever since you wired the money. We just took everything the folks brought in, but didn't let none of it go."
   At Love's Bidding, 45, 46
Wyatt Ballentine is caught off guard to find that all he has worked for has been passed on to someone else.
A Rustic, Mountain Cabin
Miranda's grandfather leaves her to travel through the countryside to find new offerings for their Boston sale house. Known to be shy and used to following directives from others, Miranda finds she must get some backbone to watch out for Grandfather and his ventures. Especially to stand up to Wyatt who has stayed on as manager.

Wyatt has had to maintain his own livelihood, poked fun of as the younger brother. As he and Miranda search out how they can best work together, they find their differences become assets.

I like Grandpère LeBlanc's appearance and humble surroundings. He helps the story along and projects character of those nearby.

This story is interesting and I look forward to future gatherings of the countryside very aptly described by the author.

Bethany House  ***Thank you to author Regina Jennings and Bethany House Publishing for sending me a review copy of At Love's Bidding. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

A follow-up story will be continuing of a character in this story, Miss Betsy Huckabee, a young newspaper hopeful. She will be interesting to try to keep up with! For the Record releases December 2016.

For the Record

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