Monday, September 25, 2017

Liar's Winter: An Appalachian Novel by Cindy K. Sproles, © 2017

An incredibly beautiful story woven in the truth of revealed overcoming love.

1893 East Tennessee ~
Lochiel Ogle has been hidden away from Love, unaware of the touch of life that will enfold her and expose beauty.
my most favorite.  Sunset in the Smoky Mountains

Climb the mountains of Appalachia and view the sunrises and sunsets high above the valley glens beneath. The movement in this story will bring you along, sad to leave them behind at the end. The author brought me to tears with her touching words of vision and hope displayed, lovingly given and honored bringing joy to the bearers.

I would love to read a sequel to this story!

The secondary characters have been robbed as well. Gerald Ogle hoped to revive his mother by his gift, but her life dwindles and so does his dream of restoring what has been lost. A disparity of hearts torn with anger brings this family to ruin.

Choice. Bitterness or forgiveness shaping a life affects those distant or near. Lives interwoven bring release or bondage by their presence. Walton Grubbs has never given up hope of restoring what is his. As he travels the hillsides, he becomes beloved by those he meets and is trusted. This has a lot of bearing on the story as being associated with him brings you into places that would not be opened to you without his proven character.

Gorgeous Smoky Mountains near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Step out on the porch early in the foggy morning. So vividly written, I enjoyed the characters who displayed remarkable insight into receiving another. The assurance of God's presence in their midst enables them to move ahead to remarkable outcomes of mercy and grace.

***Thank you, Kregel Publications, for inviting me on this book tour for Cindy K. Sproles' novel, Liar's Winter, and sending me a copy. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

author Cindy K. Sproles

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  1. Kathleen, You've written a beautiful review! I passed on this book but now I want to read it. Do you know if the author plans a second one? Blessings~