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Josiah's Treasure by Nancy Herriman, ©2012

Today is release day for Nancy Herriman's novel, Josiah's Treasure. I read and reviewed her first book, The Irish Healer, and was eager to receive the Advance Reader's Copy of Josiah's Treasure.

Josiah's Treasure

by Nancy Herriman

In 1882, Sarah Whittier dreams of opening an art studio run by immigrant women. She plans to use the house left to her by family friend Josiah Cady as collateral for her studio. But will all be lost when the inheritance is challenged by an angry man claiming to be Josiah’s son and legal heir? Rumor of gold nuggets hidden in the house, place Sarah’s life in danger. Her future uncertain and her safety threatened, Sarah has nowhere to turn. That is, unless she can soften a vengeful man’s heart–and they both learn that love is finer than any gold.

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My Review of Josiah's Treasure by Nancy Herriman:

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth
and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and
steal: but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven...for where
your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
--Matthew 6:19-21

San Francisco, California
June 1882

"In this town, Sarah Jane, a man's worth is calculated in dollars and cents. Measured by what he has to show for himself..."
   --Josiah Cady, Josiah's Treasure, 3

And so begins Josiah's Treasure. Sarah Whittier is on her way to secure the lease on the Sansome Street storefront for her design studio, Whittier and Company Custom Design Studio. On her third try and determined outlook, she has met the requirement of backers and receives the keys to this forefront location with perfect lighting and layout for each detailed need for her artists-to-be. Sarah rescues immigrant women from low pay, and equal respect, to enable them to learn a sought-after artistic skill to portray the sites of San Francisco and beyond.

Josiah Cady had communicated his family was no longer living ~ at least they had died to him. Finally, after much searching, his son, Daniel, locates his father's home, only to discover Josiah has died and left his inheritance to his nurse-companion, Sarah Whittier.

Sarah has other things to tend to without this unknown Daniel showing up at her doorstep. Sarah and her girls begin to clear the artist studio with gusto, especially with an Irish lass at hand.
   Sarah took up the broom and retrieved her dustpan to work a pile of soot and old dirt into the center of the room. It was good to hear Cora and Phoebe so happy, so full of life. She shouldn't begrudge them any joy, when outside of this shop they had so little. Sarah started humming along to Cora's tune.
   "Cora, what is that you are singing?" Lottie asked as she scrubbed smudges from the front window.
   "Just a tune my pa is fond of. It's called 'Finnegan's Wake.' It goes like this, Miss Charlotte." Cara cleared her throat while Phoebe stood aside, a delighted look on her face.
   --Ibid., 70
 Irish Rovers Finnegan's Wake ~

Daniel is seeking to claim the rightful inheritance for himself and his ten-year-old sisters. In ascertaining details to determine his father's wealth, information is spread a little too thin and now has someone else on the search for hidden gold that might be waiting for the taking on the Nob Hill premises.
   "I wonder why he thought he wouldn't be spotted by someone. I mean, the sun is hours from setting yet."
   "Loony's why."
   "He must not have cared if he was seen." Lottie, carrying the tea tray into the room, must have overheard Sarah's question. "Perhaps he is a night laborer and daytime is the only time he has for housebreaking." Dispensing the steaming tea through the strainer, she set a cup in front of Sarah. It rattled against the saucer.
   --Ibid., 80
With all of this intrusion by Daniel, Sarah manages to resume her life as usual. Oh a free day, they all take a picnic basket on a streetcar and cable car to Golden Gate Park. And then... Cora decides to topple over into the pond and survey the bottom!
   Suddenly, Cora splashed to the surface, her arms churning. She gasped for air. "Help!"
   "Cora, I'm coming!"
   Cora's head disappeared beneath the water again, the water burbling in her wake. Sarah's heart pounded furiously. Her legs, her feet were numb, but she pushed ahead. She wished she'd spent more time swimming, back in the stream at their farm in Ohio. She might be better prepared to do what needed to be done.
   --Ibid., 111
A freezing ride home, indeed! 

I am about to determine Josiah's treasure is, for sure, Sarah Whittier! She is golden in her kindness and care of those around her. Will Daniel ever be on the receiving end?

About the Author

Nancy Herriman retired from a career as an engineer to chase around two small children and take up the pen. She hasn't looked back. When she is not writing, or gabbing over lattes about writing, she is either watching history shows on TV or performing with various choral groups. She lives in Ohio with her husband and sons, and wishes there were more hours in the day. Learn more online at nancyherriman.com.

***Thank you to Worthy Publishing for sending me an Advance Reader's Copy of Nancy Herriman's Josiah's Treasure to read and review. No other compensation was received.***

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