Thursday, August 1, 2013

Field of Daisies by Barbara Hattemer, ©2012

It has long been my dream to share with readers insights garnered over my lifetime by creating stories that explore serious subjects, yet are a pleasure to read.
    I wrote Field of Daisies, the story of three generations of Alzheimer’s disease, to give hope to people like me who fear they may be next and to encourage caretakers and friends of Alzheimer's patients.
    Have you ever strolled through a field of daisies blowing in a gentle wind, white petals sparkling from the rays of the warming sun? Have you swung on a long rope over a creek and plunged into its deepest hole on a hot, sunny day? Have you climbed a ladder in a tall barn, taken a flying leap into space and landed on a soft bed of hay?
    Come meander with Andrea through the shaded woods, listen to the music of the creek's rushing water as it bounces merrily on its way. Smell the rich fragrance of new mown hay. Relive your first romance as Andrea meets Lans and introduces him to the delights of a beautiful farm in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania.
    --author Barbara Hattemer
Lans and Andrea marry in a field of daisies

Field of Daisies is a riveting story of hope. One thing I like about the writing is the background story interspersed within, as Andrea reminisces of pleasant times past that have meaning and formation of her life. She tells of meeting Lans as his family comes to visit while their fathers co-author a book together. She is endeared by his mother and establishes a long-lasting friendship between them. A mother when Andrea desperately needs one in that role to lean on and learn from; a confidante aiding her in continuing on. Difficulty arises as her own vibrant mother becomes ill, following the pattern of two generations before her, as her mind lapses and her personality changes. Once a kind, gentle, hospitable woman, she now is demanding, intolerant to change, suspicious, and groping for edges of reality. As Lans tries to maintain his stability as father and husband, he is often over-ridden by the challenges of his mother-in-law's needs. The forbearance needed begins separating their very lives as a family unit.

Rich in character and understanding, the story unfolds as Andrea leans on the Lord and steps forth for her own healing. None have been turned away who seek the Lord.
Thy testimonies have I taken as an heritage for ever: for they are the rejoicing of my heart.
   --Psalm 119:111
***Thank you to author Barbara Hattemer for sending me a copy of Field of Daisies. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

Have you or someone you loved faced the illness of dementia or Alzheimer's? If so, what advice have you received that has been the most helpful? 

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