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The Governess of Highland Hall, a novel by Carrie Turansky, ©2013

a woman teacher employed in a private household to teach and train the children

Worlds lie between the marketplaces of India and the halls of a magnificent country estate like Highland Hall. Will Julia be able to find her place when a governess is neither upstairs family nor downstairs help?

Book 1 of the Edwardian Brides Series, releases October 15, paperback and eBook. Available for pre-order now.
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Two worlds . . . one calling. In 1911 Julia travels from the exotic land of India to Highland Hall, a magnificent English country estate. Will she follow her heart and stay on as governess for Sir William Ramsey, or will she return to her mission work and the life she left behind in India?

Missionary Julia Foster loves working alongside her parents, ministering and caring for young girls in India. But when the family must return to England due to illness, she readily accepts the burden for her parents’ financial support. Taking on a job at Highland Hall as governess, she quickly finds that teaching her four privileged, ill-mannered charges at a grand estate is more challenging than expected, and she isn’t sure what to make of the estate’s preoccupied master, Sir William Ramsey.

Widowed and left to care for his two young children and his deceased cousin Randolph’s two teenage girls, William is consumed with saving the estate from the financial ruin. The last thing he needs is any distraction coming from the kindhearted-yet-determined governess who seems to be quietly transforming his household with her persuasive personality, vibrant prayer life, and strong faith.

While both are tending past wounds and guarding fragile secrets, Julia and William are determined to do what it takes to save their families—common ground that proves fertile for unexpected feelings. But will William choose Julia’s steadfast heart and faith over the wealth and power he needs to secure Highland Hall’s future?
Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away. If one were
to give all the wealth of his house for love, it would be utterly scorned.
   --Song of Solomon 8:7
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
   --Matthew 5:8
October 1911, England
The last time Julia Foster saw Highland Hall was when she attended a charity bazaar twelve years ago before her family traveled to the mission station in India.  Returning to England because of her father's illness, it was imperative that Julia make a good impression during her interview as she was needed to care for her parents' support.

Julia is hired as governess and is given instructions for her first day.
   "The nursery and school room are across the hall." She motioned toward a door on the right. "The children's maid is helping them dress and prepare for the day. The family and staff gather for Scripture reading and prayer in the great hall at nine o'clock. You'll be introduced to everyone at that time. Then you'll return with the children to the nursery for breakfast and lessons."
   --The Governess of Highland Hall, 21
Baronet William Ramsey is guardian of his teenage cousins, Katherine and Penelope, of whom Julia will have influence for the young ladies as part of her position. As certain as Katherine is that she does not need a governess, she may find out differently. Penelope looks to her elder sister for direction.
   He clasped his hands behind his back again, looking grim. "It's certainly not the way we've always done things at Highland."
   --Ibid., 89
The butler and housekeeper have been used to being in charge of Highland Hall's internal household running. Now with William's sister being coached to be groomed as mistress of the estate, the newness of the staff having to give account for their expenditures assures them it has to be that new governess ruffling things up. She, indeed, is what everyone needs!

Julia's kindness and encouragement in learning is causing the children to bloom. Changes are apparent as they become happier and picking on each other out of boredom decreases. She is forthright with William to spend more time with his children. Life is coming to the estate.

993354_10151763649586967_1872496112_nCarrie TuranskyAuthor Carrie Turansky ~
Here is an interesting article by Carrie Turansky on choosing the setting for her novel, The Governess of Highland Hall. She includes a sneak peek at the first chapter too.

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  1. Kathleen Your reviews are always extraordinary! I love this one :)

    1. Oh, thank you, Anne. I enjoy reviewing and the wonderful Historical Fictions that I know are going to teach me history we didn't learn in school and will be clean for anyone to read. So thankful for the authors. Being a governess would have been difficult not belonging upstairs nor downstairs ~ hope she is a reader for her spare time. This would be a beautiful estate to go for walks and indeed stop and smell the flowers. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House