Thursday, February 11, 2016

An Amish Market: Four Novellas by Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller, Kelly Irvin & Vannetta Chapman, © 2015

The Gift of Love

I love the cover on these novellas! Thank you to author Amy Clipston for sending me a review copy of An Amish Market. I will be reviewing her story, Love Birds. Enjoy the other three stories (and some recipes)!

Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania
Image result for hand carved wooden birds"Lloyd, in this community, we're all
someone's bruder or scweschder."
~ Rebecca, Love Birds, 55

Lloyd Blank and Ellie Lapp have been around each other since their growing up years. Lloyd and her brother, Seth, were good friends. A sister of Lloyd's, Rebecca, and Ellie are the same age. Seth died the previous month in a work accident. Lloyd has been going to help Ellie and her mother, Margaret, with their farm chores and repairs.

Love Birds ~ an exposed secret can exploit and weaken trust. Lloyd's dat said his hobby was prideful, being excelled from what he had been taught as a boy by his daadi. Ellie wanted to exuberantly share his talents with the shopkeeper at Bird-in-Hand Gifts and Treasures, across from the Farmers' Market. With communication and hearing, this story is one of overcoming and learning to lean and share their hearts as close bonds continue to develop between families and community.

Bakery Bunch? What is that?! By Karla Hanns:  
***This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

Love Birds features Ellie and Margaret Lapp, who are secondary characters from The Forgotten Recipe, which is the first in my Amish Heirloom series. I enjoyed having the opportunity to share Ellie’s story with my readers. This book is dedicated to my sons, Zac and Matt. ~ Amy Clipston
              author Amy Clipston


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    1. Your story is a treasure! Thank you for these families. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House