Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Surprise for Lily ~ Book 4, The Adventures of Lily Lapp, by Mary Ann Kinsinger and Suzanne Woods Fisher, ©2013

Lily Lapp, now in fifth grade and growing up fast, faces many changes including old friends leaving and new ones coming, the election of a new bishop, and a wedding. Includes facts about the Amish faith and way of life.

Ages 8 to 12, will enjoy reading the further adventures of Lily Lapp in A Surprise for Lily. But... no matter the age, you are going to love these little chapter books in the series. Fun! In Book 4, there are 29 chapters and "Questions about the Amish" which is very interesting too. It reminds me of the Little House books that talk about how they live and interact within the family and those nearby. The illustrations are the best!

It is a warm August day. Lily has finished pulling weeds in the garden and is on her way to her cousin Hannah's. The girls help can peaches and are excited about having a fun afternoon together.
They didn't tell anyone where they were going
or what they were going to do
because they didn't know they were going to do it
until they did it.
Thankfully they get rescued!

Mama's gardening boot is missing. She says she doesn't mind going to the garden without it but... not to the sweet corn patch with all the rocks. "And.. snakes," Lily thinks.
Lily and her brother, Joseph, go after the boot snatcher.
They are led into an old abandoned train tunnel
beyond the woods.
Company is coming! Mama fixes a picnic lunch and they go for an outing. They make a rescue!
 A puppy!
Many adventures follow as Lily begins school. They will be having a new English teacher.

Changes come as the days continue. The Lapps get a new buggy horse so Jim doesn't have to climb the hills and back down again. That Effie Kauffman again is teasing Lily telling her Jim is going to the glue factory, not to new owners to a nice farm to rest.
Cover Art
Read A Surprise for Lily to find out the best surprise of all!

Oh, I love the dedications in the front!! From Suzanne ~ To my new little granddaughter, Kaitlyn Paige, my first. I've been waiting for you! And from Mary Ann ~ To my four children each of you have brought so much joy into my life. ~*~ a book a child, Mary Ann! Sweet.

***Thank you to Revell Blog Tour Network for sending me a copy of A Surprise for Lily. This review is written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

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