Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Road to Deer Run, Book 1 in the Deer Run Saga by Elaine Marie Cooper
The story begins near the village of Deer Run in the colony of Massachusetts ~ 1777.

Young British Lieutenant Daniel Lowe kept up the moral of his men as they walked the road before them. Hope, to keep them alive. Through lack of food and marching day in and day out, they were beyond fatigue.

A distraction leads Daniel off the trail, fleeing for his life. He is rescued by a young miss and hauled from the brambles to safety. With a badly infected wound, Mary Thomsen takes him to a childhood "playhouse" in the woods and begins the care he never hoped to receive. Her mother is a midwife and she has grown up with care for others.

Winter is setting in and the blowing winds hamper any hope of surviving a fever and fending off the cold. A decision must be made. Going beyond all she knows, she confides in her mother to give aid.

There is a twist here. Her brother has been killed by the enemy. Daniel Lowe was not fighting on the same side. Widow Thomsen has lost so much of her family.

A love story inspired by true events.
Historical fiction brings specific events and happenings to life, as we learn what it may have been like—in that time beyond a history book we may have studied in school. In Book 1, the author builds a story around the love and strength of her ancestors.
author Elaine Marie Cooper
The Road to Deer Run is a story of hope and what truth brings when applied in our lives.

***Thank you to author Elaine Cooper for sending me The Road to Deer Run. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***

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